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May/June 2002 New Library Items

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New Books

The Union Member’s Complete Guide by Michael Mauer – An easy-to-read, comprehensive guide to how you can get the most out of working in a unionized workplace-from understanding what a union is and how it operates to how you can get the most value out of your union.

The Great Lumber Strike of Humboldt County 1935 by Frank Onstine Donated by  Roger Woods and members of LL W98

2002 Source Book on Collective Bargaining: Wage, Benefits and Other Contract Issues- Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. – This annual report provides current, easy-to-find information needed for bargaining and for wage and benefit planning.

Walking to Mackinac by David E. Bonior – In his thirteen-year term in the U.S. House of Representatives, David Bonior was a dedicated defender of workers’ rights. He led the battle against NAFTA, fought endlessly for increases in the minimum wage and stronger job health and safety protections.  When he and his wife decided to take a 300-mile hike to the rural Straits of Mackina he couldn’t quite leave his work ethic behind.  This entertaining account is the result.

An Introduction to Labor Law, revised by Michael Evan Gold – Chapters deal with organizing and elections, the duty to bargain, using economic weapons, enforcement and many other day-to-day issues faced by union activists.

Labor Pains; Inside America’s New Union Movement by Suzan Erem –  The hopes, struggles, victories and defeats of a Chicago organizer’s life, both on the job and off.

From the Folks who Brought you the Weekend; A Short, Illustrated History of Labor in the United States. By Priscilla Murolo and A. B. Chitty – History of the U.S. labor struggle of American working people to better their lives through collective action.

Conducting Training Workshops by Eileen K. Van Kavelaar –  A crash course for beginners.

The Third Shift; Managing Hard Choices in our Careers, Homes, and Lives as Women by Michele Kremen Bolton –After the first shift at the office and the second shift at home, those quiet hours of contemplation, Michele Bolton calls the third shift. This is when women are plagued by doubts about the decisions and trade-offs they made.  This book gives women techniques for turning the third shift to an opportunity of building self-awareness and self-confidence.



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