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2005 Spring/Summer

New Books


Nickel and Dimed on (Not) getting by in America       

By Barbara Ehrenreich


Building Skills for Black Workers; Preparing for the future labor market

Edited by Cecilia A. Conrad


Passages to Freedom; The Underground Railroad in history and memory

Edited by David W. Blight


Collective Bargaining: Contemporary American experience

Edited by Gerald G. Somers


Reclaiming Prosperity; A blueprint for progressive economic reform

By Lester Thurow, Todd Schafer & Jeff Faux, Economic Policy Institute


Globalization and Cross—Border Labor Solidarity in the Americas; the anti-sweatshop movement and the struggle for social justice

By Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval


Made in America; Regaining the productive edge

By Michael L. Dertouzos, Richard K. Lester & Robert M. Solow


International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers


 Troublemakers Handbook 2


The 2005 Pfeiffer Annual Training

The 2005 Pfeiffer Annual Consulting


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