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2005/2006 Fall/Winter

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New Books


Poor WorkersÂ’ Unions; Rebuilding labor from below

By Vanessa Tait


Bait and Switch; The (futile) pursuit of the American dream

By Barbara Ehrenreich


Quick Guide to College Majors and Careers

By Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D.


How to Lead Work Teams; Facilitation Skills

By Fran Rees


The Horizontal Orgnization

By Frank Ostroff


Fad Surfing in the Boardroom

By Eileen C. Shapiro


The Winner-Take-All Society; How more and more Americans compete for ever fewer and bigger prizes, encouraging economic waste, income inequality, and an impoverished cultural life

By Robert H. Frank & Philip J. Cook


Productive Workplaces; Organizing and managing for dignity, meaning, and community

By Marvin R. Weisbord


Staying Human in the Organization; Our biological heritage and the workplace

By J. Gary Bernhard and Kalman Glantz


Myth America; Democracy vs. capitalism

by  William H. Boyer


New Video's


At the River I Stand-Doucumentary about the sanitation workers strike and the Civil Rights Movement


Michael Moore-The Big One- Armed only with a camera Moore is searching for an executive who will respond to one question: If Fortune 500 companies are posting record-setting profits, why do they continue laying off thousands of workers?


10,000 Black Men Named George - Philip Randolph's fight for the Pullman porters' cause and forming the first black union in America




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