Our Mission

The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center is a facility built by workers for workers.  Its purpose is to meet the complete range of educational needs of our members and to provide an atmosphere where members can learn undisturbed by the daily demands of the workplace.

To this end, the programs cover a diverse range of  topics to ensure that IAM members, officers and staff are prepared to affectively serve their fellow members.

Leadership Programs include programs such as:  Leadership I, II, Advanced Leadership, and Train-the-Trainer, which are the foundations of our education program.  Leadership I, II, and Advanced Leadership are also offered in French and Spanish.

Staff Programs include programs such as:  Arbitration, Advanced Arbitration, Collective Bargaining, Advanced Collective Bargaining, First Contract, Foundational Skills, Negotiating Defined Contribution Plans, Organizing I and II, Pension Fundamentals:  Defined Benefit Plans, “Scorched Earth” Campaigns:  Identification and Response, and Negotiation Preparation for Bargaining Committees.

Departmental Seminars include progrms such as:  Basic Newsletter Development, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Web Development, Communicators Class, Advanced Communicators Class, Community Services, EAP I, II, III and IV Programs, Federal Employees Program, Federal Employees Advanced Program, Federal Employees Collective Bargaining Program, Financial Officers, General Chair Orientation, HAZMAT, High Performance Work Organization, Railroad Local Chairmen Seminar, Retirees Education & Strategy Program, Safety and Health Conference, and TCU Local Chairmens Program.

Every member profits when local, district, and Grand Lodge leaders work together to improve wages, working conditions, pensions and job security for the membership.

Investment in the Future

“Investing in education through the Winpisinger Education and Technology Center provides the building blocks of knowledge for our members to obtain the training necessary to face the challenges of this fast-paced ever changing world.”


Dora Cervantes

General Secretary-Treasurer

Leadership Accountability

Members, officers, and staff are expected to return to their respective workplaces and put to use the vast amount of knowledge acquired from the training received at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center.

New skills learned and the camaraderie established with fellow members throughout the world, become valuable resources and support beyond the classroom.  Every participant returns to their district, local, and shop better equipped to serve and lead in the capacity to which they were elected or appointed.