Advanced Leadership


Advanced Leadership is designed to emphasize teamwork as an essential skill of Local Lodge leadership.  This program is the third of three successive programs designed for Local Lodge leadership. Participants work as teams on projects and exercises in the classes and are assigned an additional strategic planning exercise which they must complete and present as a team at the end of the program.  Participants further build their knowledge of trade unionism and the IAM through the following topics:

  • Leadership Psychology
  • Collective Bargaining II
  • Work Place Communications
  • Union Ethics
  • Organizing



Leadership I and Leadership II



Each class is limited to forty-eight participants.  Participants are selected by Local Lodges in accordance with IAM policies.  Each District Lodge Directing Business Representative/General Chairperson may assign up to six participants to leadership classes, including Advanced Leadership, per year.

*Advanced Leadership is also offered in French and Spanish.