The IAM William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center resumed in-person programs on August 1, 2021. 

The Winpisinger Center must protect the health and safety of all member participants who attend and staff who work at the facility. Key to this effort is ensuring that everyone at the Winpisinger Center is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. All staff at the Winpisinger Center are fully vaccinated. Member participants attending in-person programs at the Winpisinger Center must be fully vaccinated at least two weeks before the program starts and also provide proof of vaccination prior to attendance.  

The following additional safety measures are in place at this time:

  • All staff and member participants must mask and socially distance indoors at the Winpisinger Center.
  • Programs and guest rooms are limited to fifty percent of regular capacity through 2021. Capacity limits will continue as prudent and necessary in 2022.
  • Each guest room is cleaned and sanitized daily while in use. Guest rooms are unoccupied a minimum of 24 hours between guests.
  • Classrooms, the dining room, and other common areas are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and arranged for social distancing.
  • Member participants may not bring guests to the Winpisinger Center in 2021. Member participants are limited to one guest in the first quarter of 2022. Guest limitations will continue as prudent and necessary thereafter. Guests must be fully vaccinated and observe all other safety requirements while at the Winpisinger Center. 

The Winpisinger Center will carefully and fully follow CDC recommendations and fully comply with State of Maryland laws and the St. Mary’s County Department of Health guidelines